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Letting Go of Unconditional Love

October 29, 2016


We recently had to say goodbye to a beloved family member.  


Lucy was 8 1/2.  She was a love bug. A clown. A trusted listener.


She was also my daughter Sarah's best friend.  Lucy was by her side all though middle school and all the angst that comes with those growing pains.  All through high-school and her brother's deployment to Afghanistan.


Heartbreak?  Lucy was on it.  Fight with a friend or family member?  Lucy took her side.  Sharing goals and dreams? Lucy was there to hear them with the softest ears on the planet. Lucy's main goal was simply to be as close to you as possible, to cuddle, to wiggle, to love.

 She got sick.  We thought she was getting better.  Then on that Sunday we realized that wasn't the case.  We took her to the emergency vet not realizing she wouldn't be coming home with us this time.  She was in pain. There wasn't anything they could do.  We had to make that right but ridiculously hard decision out of love.  We let her go with hugs and murmurs of gratitude for her loyalty, telling her what a good girl she was.


The house was so quiet.  Our other dog, Gunner, a German Shepherd kept looking for her and seemed so sad.


Sarah began looking.

It had to be the right one.

She found her.


In honor of Lucy, she named her Desilu.  Desi is fearless but sweet.  A cuddle bunny one moment and a gremlin the next as all puppies can be. She has some of the same mannerisms as Lucy did but she definitely has her own personality.


We miss Lucy terribly but Desi will begin a different story and listen to those hopes, dreams and goals with her own floppy ears.






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